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Tools and Research

CompetitorEye is continually adding additional tools and reports to help you succeed. We are presently implementing full integration with Amazon, and others making it so you have a single point of management for your products. If you have a suggestion for a tool or report, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  CE Tool: CompetitorEye's "CE Tool" gives you the tools needed to make the best marketing analysis possible based on current market conditions, price points, trending.

Previous CE verison: Similar to the tool above, this tool is the origional version, left intact for clients use.


  Top 100 Report: View the top 100 selling products by category.

Competitor Name Change Report: As your competition change their names, CompetitorEye keeps an eye on it for you.

UPC Analysis: CompetitorEye can utilize your items known UPC/EAN and MPN to compare to better ranked "duplicated" items.

Alternate ASIN Analysis: View all the variations of ASINS for your items.

Placement Gains and Losses: Monitor your gains and losses between reports.

Buy Box On-Demand Report: Retrieve an up to the minute Buy Box report for your active items.

Competitor Feedback Ratings: View your competitors feedback ratings. Positive, Neutral, Negative.

Inventory Analysis Report: Analyze your current inventory report.

Amazon Undercut Analysis Report: Analyze Amazon's sales practices in relation to your pricing.

Amazon Item Lookup: Tools to help discover all variations of an item, or all ASINS for a given UPC.

Easy Amazon Product Data: Tired of wasting hours and hours gathering basic product information to list your products? Let CompetitorEye do the house work for you. (Per report fee.)

New: Easy Asin Search: To many hours spent gathering alternate/duplicate or standard ASIN searching based on UPC,MPN or keywords? Let CompetitorEye do the house work for you. (Per report fee.)

Pre-pending order notifications: Get alerted to your pre-pending orders before they become pending orders.


Custom Development.

Need custom software, database or infrastructure help? Either related to Amazon or not, CompetitorEye can help you in these matters, grow your business, streamline your processes and save you time.

We can offer solutions written in C/C# .net or standalone MFC executables and MS SQL.

Need a custom importer to get report data into your database? Need an automated engine or process that will save you time with any aspect of your business? CompetitorEye's software team can certainly help. Reasonable rates. Simply let us know in detail as to your need!
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