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Easy Amazon Product Variation Search

Tired of wasting hours and hours gathering basic product information to list your products or find variations of products your already selling? Let CompetitorEye do the house work for you.

We gather the pertinent data making successful product integration with Amazon or other providers a breeze, saving you the bulk of the work!
US only at this time

Main Data elements include:
  • ASIN
  • Title
  • Manufacturer
  • Category
  • Main Image URL
  • Shipping Weight
  • Release Date
  • Sales Rank
  • Current Buy Box seller, pricing and shipping

The only thing required from you is the search term(s) which can be the UPC, MPN or elements of the title "Acer Battery 5335-2257" We will report on all the ASINS returned (many "duplicate" differing ASIN Items on Amazon you shuld consider selling under)

At only 1/10 a cent per item returned. (Min of $3.00 per report) It just doesn't get much easier!
Steps: First, tell CompetitorEye which products to gather data on, after your import we will get to work on gathering the preliminary data.
Second, when data gathering complets CompetitorEye will send an invoice. The invoice will contain billing for only those products we were successfully able to locate and gather data on. You will not be charged for imported items we could not gather data for.
Finally, after payment, CompetitorEye will obtain the current Buy Box seller, pricing and shipping and email the completed report.

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