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Competitor Name Change

Competitor Name Change Report.

Staying on top of your competition is key to maintaining a profitable business in internet marketing. However, due to the frequency with which competing businesses often change their "store-front" names, this can be unexpectedly difficult to do. After all, if you don't know who you're competing against, how can you compete?

CompetitorEye provides a vital service in the form of the "Competitor Name Change Report", which will notify you of updates on a daily basis. Regular clients will be able to access the first thirty displayed with each notification, while premium plan clients will have access to the entire list.

Why Companies Change Their Names
A company name-change may offer a "fresh start" for a struggling business. Competitors may change their names in order to avoid negative press or branding of their products and practices. Less suspiciously, a company merger may necessitate a name-change.

In any case, knowing who your current competition is will help you to track their sales more thoroughly and to conduct your advertising in a more specific, competitive direction.

Only first 30 will be displayed, full listing is available to our premium plan clients.

Change Date Original Name Changed To
7/27/2017 TJD3 TJD*3 View Details
7/27/2017 JR MarketingBooks JR Marketing/Books View Details
7/27/2017 KanexLive BreaKP View Details
7/27/2017 Addis Books Addis Overstock View Details
7/27/2017 One Healthy World Majestic Health View Details
7/27/2017 PenlinGlobal GlobalDeals8 View Details
7/27/2017 One Stop Nutrition Find & Save View Details
7/27/2017 [1%off all items July 1 ~ 15] Cross the world [1%off all items July 16 ~ 31] Cross the world View Details
7/27/2017 Laney Industries L3 Industries View Details
7/27/2017 TANNY'S OUTLET TANNY'S OUTLET View Details
7/27/2017 KW Value Sozio Direct View Details
7/27/2017 Rusty knuckle Moss Creek Woodworking View Details
7/27/2017 whiteysbooks AcjBooks View Details
7/27/2017 All Time Awesome Deals All Time Awesome Deals LLC View Details
7/27/2017 Mary E Shafer Mary Shafer View Details
7/27/2017 Bootkee Dist Rimon Dist View Details
7/26/2017 Elava Deals Laa MAYo View Details
7/26/2017 Shopbeauty DivineBeauty View Details
7/26/2017 KrispAudio LLC KrispAudio View Details
7/26/2017 BonohahaUSA Bonohaa View Details
7/26/2017 RadioShack Inc. General Wireless Operations View Details
7/26/2017 JHall0518 That Flippin' Veteran LLC View Details
7/26/2017 WT heating and A/C equipments supply Ecommerce MINI View Details
7/26/2017 NationalPetSupplyInc ZIZI PRODUCTS View Details
7/26/2017 GrandDiva Pure N Simple View Details
7/26/2017 CakeSupplyShopBundleofbeauty CakeSupplyShop/Bundleofbeauty View Details
7/26/2017 Purple Rayne Distributing Purple Rayne Sales View Details
7/26/2017 PRIME Day Deals PRIME Weekly Deals View Details
7/26/2017 247 Online Super Store 24/7 Online Super Store View Details
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