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Competitor Name Change

Competitor Name Change Report.

Staying on top of your competition is key to maintaining a profitable business in internet marketing. However, due to the frequency with which competing businesses often change their "store-front" names, this can be unexpectedly difficult to do. After all, if you don't know who you're competing against, how can you compete?

CompetitorEye provides a vital service in the form of the "Competitor Name Change Report", which will notify you of updates on a daily basis. Regular clients will be able to access the first thirty displayed with each notification, while premium plan clients will have access to the entire list.

Why Companies Change Their Names
A company name-change may offer a "fresh start" for a struggling business. Competitors may change their names in order to avoid negative press or branding of their products and practices. Less suspiciously, a company merger may necessitate a name-change.

In any case, knowing who your current competition is will help you to track their sales more thoroughly and to conduct your advertising in a more specific, competitive direction.

Only first 30 will be displayed, full listing is available to our premium plan clients.

Change Date Original Name Changed To
5/21/2018 TK Unlimited TK Limited View Details
5/21/2018 Leonardo Enterprises Hardware & Garden Supplies View Details
5/21/2018 Rookies HQ - Your Online Local Hobby Store! FLGS Rookies HQ - America's Hobby & Game Store! View Details
5/20/2018 Q&B Electronics Q&B TECHNOLOGIES LLC View Details
5/20/2018 JohnRockett JohnRockett, LLC View Details
5/20/2018 My Things Your Treasures Hudson's Liquidators View Details
5/19/2018 Mountain Cycle Sports Evergreen Mountain Sports View Details
5/19/2018 Amanda CC Amanda LLC View Details
5/19/2018 American Telecom Headquarters American Technology Headquarters View Details
5/19/2018 Edrid Tech Toledo View Details
5/19/2018 Book Mart of Delaware Immediate Assets View Details
5/19/2018 YYY Sale YYY Trade View Details
5/19/2018 BBD Acquisitions Support A Small Business View Details
5/19/2018 av8trx13 Sol Mercantile View Details
5/19/2018 Blue Sky (No Tax) US Blue Sky View Details
5/19/2018 Musicians Premier Music EXTRA MUSICAL View Details
5/19/2018 3 Babies No Sale Tax View Details
5/19/2018 Aintree Emporium LLC Aintree.Emporium View Details
5/18/2018 DirectAutoParts Direct Home Supplies View Details
5/17/2018 SPORTS4YOU SHOE GIANT View Details
5/17/2018 Sooper Dooper Super Market US Supply Market View Details
5/17/2018 (?`'?MELZ BOOKS?'??) (¯`'·MELZ BOOKS·'´¯) View Details
5/17/2018 Mayberry Marketplace Mayberry Marketplace LLC View Details
5/17/2018 Belt & Road SAVING PLUS View Details
5/17/2018 The Music Superstore The Cutting Edge Superstore View Details
5/16/2018 PROSALE (tax free) PROSALE View Details
5/16/2018 Opulent Opps Save today! View Details
5/15/2018 CopyThat! Delta Team! CopyThat! View Details
5/15/2018 Optimum Technology USA Optimum Trading View Details
5/15/2018 NoveltyCouture HauteDesignSale View Details
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