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Instant Email Alerts

Product pricing can fluctuate greatly on a daily, hourly, and even minute-by-minute basis. With CompetitorEye's email alert system, we can keep you in-the-know as to the current market conditions for your products. Giving you a competitive advantage when your pricing structure is no longer inline with the market.

Price fluctuations can temporarily knock you out of the Buy Box, but you can stay competitive by remaining within the featured merchant providers allowing continued competition with the top providers.

Our Alerts System
Though not every shift in pricing trends will necessitate adjustments. CompetitorEye provides you with continuous updates on crucial changes in the market, so that you can stay attuned to only the most relevant trends.

To help prevent information overload, we will not update you on every single fluctuation in the market regarding your active items (which would amount to a deluge of information). We will alert you every half hour to price changes in the market, independent of the final feed report and limit those alerts to one email per product every six hours.

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