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Our history

Our mission and history

History: Who We Are

In 1997, a group of four engineers teamed together to create Scanazon, a consulting company dealing in internet marketing. From the beginning, our goal was to help businesses, large and small, make well-informed choices about their selling methods in order to compete successfully in a global market.

Initially using a simplified File Transfer Protocol (FTP) system to transfer information to and from our clients, the lack of tools and online visibility hampered our service. In response, we took our service online in 2008 in order to better reach and serve our clients in the public sector.

With consulting backgrounds, we do not sell or do business in the sense of advertising merchandise, instead we provide you and your business with the information and data necessary to be successful. We are here to help you be the savviest, most successful salespeople in internet marketing. The end result is that you, the merchant, will have the most capable consultants behind you in CompetitorEye.

Mission: What We Do

Utilizing our data and online reporting and metrics, we keep you informed on your pricing and placement in relation to your competitors so that you can respond to unforeseen market conditions and be proactive in your marketing campaigns. This will ultimately help you maintain a competitive advantage which is key in today's marketplace.

How do we help achieve this?
We provide an automated feed directly to your system up to 4 times a day, containing information on your competitors' actual delivered pricing, shipping and stock availability as well as your own. This includes all hidden costs, such as packaging and shipping costs, which may drive up competitors' seemingly low prices. Online report segmentation to highlight only those items needing a second look as well as a host of other tools and reporting focusing on improving your product mix and placement.

This service is unique to our consultancy business: many similar services update you only on your competitors' non-hidden costs without shipping nor offer the additional reporting and analysis we provide. The tools required to help you make informed decisions about your business - and to make sure you stay on top of the game.

Simple, informative, and right to the point. Anything else is "fluff".

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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