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Five day evaluation (up to 20 complete reports). No setup fees, no long-term contracts. At the very least, walk away with an accurate barometer of your current placement, and at no charge!

Special Information: Your Login and password are your way "back-in" to the system.

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Market Place ID:     Your Amazon "Market Place ID" (CompetitorEye can usaully obtain this after save based on your storefront name; leave blank if you do now know it)
Account Reference:     If using multiple accounts with CompetitorEye, you can reference your account with the name provided. Examples: (Auto Products: Once a week),(Regular Items, 4X a day)

With a single ASIN per account infrastructure, if you sell items as FBA and non-FBA (at the same time) you will need two separate accounts, one for your FBA SKU and set to FBA account type, and one with your non-FBA SKU and set to Non-FBA account type. If on the other hand, you do sell both but not at the same time for the same ASIN, you can select "Both" and use a single account:
Account Type:

The following Access Identifiers are not required, and do not give CompetitorEye access to your seller central account if provided.

Identifier Key:       Read about access identifiers.
Secret Key:

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