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Feeds (Reads & Writes)

Reading: Although you have the ability to add and modify your reportable product catalog online, most clients product mix is ever changing. An automated process can easily be setup to build your catalog and place it on your FTP server (or read from ours) at which point we seamlessly import the catalog for you, returning an email summary (if specified below) of each import and a fresh import will occur for each scan block you designate keeping your product catalog current.

Writing: After the report block runs, the raw data can be sent to your FTP server and or by email for integration into your back-end system. Or if you prefer, placed on our FTP server for you to download. 7 days of data will remain in our system for online retrieval and 2 days of FTP files.

CautionThis option is only available to our clients. Please sign in or create an account to continue.


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FTP Server:

Login: Custom control port:  (0 = none, use standard port)
Password: A strong password contains a mix of upper case, lower case and digits.
Element delimiter: How the columns in the file will be delimited.

Reading from your catalog:

After a report is uploaded to your server, our engine will check to see if you have a product catalog file to process. If so, we will import it at that time designating which products you want reported on next. If an updated catalog doesn't exist, we will re scan your existing catalog.

Four import formats exist (single product per line)
MANUAL BASIC: your item #,known ASIN
MANUAL ADVANCED: your item #, known ASIN, known UPC, known MPN
PREMIUM BASIC: your item #,known ASIN,mf,ifep,ifed,ifop,ifod,pri
PREMIUM ADVANCED: your item #, known ASIN, known UPC, known MPN,mf,ifep,ifed,ifop,ifod,pri
  • If you do not know the ASIN, you must use advanced and supply either a UPC or MPN of the product for complete automated matching, but we can match on just one and make a recommendation.
  • If you are unsure of any of the ASIN,UPC or MPN leave it's position "blank" as in 112,,045496880019,NWII280 in the case of not knowing the ASIN. (Note the double comma)
  • If you do not know the ASIN, please use our item mapping screen to manually enter the product.
  • Premium Elements can use your optimized pricing preferences. Please note, values supplied in your feed, will override default values.
    For additional information concerning optimum pricing feed elements (mf, ifep, ifed, ifop, ifod, pri) Please see Optimized Pricing Specifications
Folder: The folder your product catalogs will reside in (blank if in root).
File Name: The name of the file we should read.
Email: Recommended. Import report summary will be sent to this address. Leave blank if none required.
If you choose to remove all previous mappings before import, your feed will contain a "clean slate" each time without any previous mappings which could differ, however you will lose your instant email alert settings each import. This option is designed for merchants whos ASIN mappings change on a regular basis. If your Items remain constant and do not change on a regular basis, do not select this option.

No longer available at item level. Data is in your monitoring reports.
Typically if utilizing CompetitorEye's automated synchronization, we will import this data for you. Otherwise you may use this option to automatically obtain the data when monitored.

If utilizing direct Amazon synchronization for import: (Requires read access from your Amazon inventory file) Required after 9.1.2012

My current CompetitorEye account should monitor SKU's that are: (And If synchronization via inventory file, load from):    (Read more)


Writing the report file:

We will automatically FTP the latest product reports to your server as well as send a report email.
The file format you will receive is one product per line which will include your product identification.
-- *Please review the CSV header for current column names, positions. As new data becomes available we will not change the format of the .CSV but append to it. Allowing upgrading to be at your schedule without interruption of your integrated systems.

For example:

For additional premium plan elements included in your feed, please see Optimized Pricing Specifications

Although all reports are available to you in our reports area, reports sent to you are typically for your own analysis, we can deliver only that data you consider highest priority (usually lineup or not-listed) or all data for your own import:

For more information read this forum post.

Folder: The folder your wish the report logs to be placed.
File Name: Leave blank if you want us to use a unique date format name every upload: 'CompetitorEyeMMDDYYYYHHMMSS.csv'
Email: Scan report summary will be sent to this address. Leave blank if none required. Multiple email addresses can be used if separated by a semicolon ;
Compression: Compress your email attached report if large size.
You may compress your email attachment and leave your ftp file uncompressed, or compress both.
Summary emails can be sent to you for each report run.
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