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Report Management

CompetitorEye emails a copy of your raw data report after your monitoring completes, the raw data is sent in the default or custom format specified and is meant for easy analysis or import into your own system. CompetitorEye will keep an online version of the report for five days giving you the ability to use our online tools to sort by segment, Buy Box winning, loosing, price raising, etc.

Our online report tools can highlight price trending if you search for a specific product you have been monitoring.

CompetitorEye keeps FTP reports for 30 days.

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  Data Exporting

Mapped products and exporting
  Customize your outbound report: Map our columns in the position you need to fit your needs.

Reports & History: View / segment / trend your product pricing and placement.

Price Changes & Logic: Review the logic behind recent pricing directives. The why and why-nots that can help you fine tune your optimized pricing settings.

Schedule Reports: Schedule your report time frames, this will tell CompetitorEye when it should automatically read from FTP, etc. to obtain your most recent products as well as when to monitor and report back to you.

FTP / Report delivery settings: CompetitorEye can send the report file to your system or save on our own FTP server for retrieval.

Optimized Pricing Defaults: Depending on your plan, you can set feed pricing defaults as well as specific item values.


Edit, etc.
  Email Alerts: CompetitorEye can notify you via email alert when your organization falls outside your desired placement giving you an competitive advantage.

Report/Export Statistics: As CompetitorEye monitors your pricing and placement, it can be very useful to keep track of your progress over time.

Special Analysis: As sellers request special reporting, CompetitorEye will enable such reporting for all to utilize.

Top 100 Report: View the top 100 selling products by category.

Competitor Name Change Report: As your competition change their names, CompetitorEye keeps an eye on it for you.

UPC Analysis: CompetitorEye can utilize your items known UPC/EAN and MPN to compare to better ranked "duplicated" items.

Alternate ASIN Analysis: View all the variations of ASINS for your items.

Placement Gains and Losses: Monitor your gains and losses between reports.

Competition Placement: Monitor your competition placement gains and losses relative to your placement.

Buy Box On-Demand Report: Retrieve an up to the minute Buy Box report for your active items.

Custom Data Requirements?: CompetitorEye also specializes in fulfilling your custom data requirements. Read more
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