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Asin to item mapping

Product Catalog Upload

CompetitorEye will attempt to import and match your catalog based on the ASIN, UPC/EAN or MPN.

ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number. Amazon uses this value to reference a product, very similar to how a manufacturer uses a UPC.

UPC: Universal Product Code. Each manufacturer is assigned a UPC by a governing authority to represent their product. It's the bar code scanners read when your checking out at your local store. EAN - European equivalent to UPC.

MPN: Manufacturer Part Number. This is the name the manufacturer has designated to represent the product. It is not the Sku which is a customer friendly version of the MPN.

SKU: Stock Keeping Unit. A merchant-specific identifier for a purchasable good, like a shirt or chair. Amazon's version of the SKU is the ASIN.

We have three methods of importing your product catalog, the online import page you are viewing ,automated FTP import and instant storefront snapshot.

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To download your current catalog in the desired format for modification and re-import, click the spreadsheet icon next to the format below.
Need to know what the columns / headers mean?
Four standard import formats exist (single product per line)

MANUAL BASIC: your item #,known ASIN

MANUAL ADVANCED: your item #, known ASIN, known UPC, known MPN

PREMIUM BASIC: your item #,known ASIN,mf,ifep,ifed,ifop,ifod,pri

PREMIUM ADVANCED: your item #, known ASIN, known UPC, known MPN, mf, ifep, ifed, ifop, ifod, pri, ceiling

If utilizing Manual for precise import:
  • Customize your inbound feed: Map your import columns to fit your needs
  • UPC & MPN are needed only if you do not know the ASIN, otherwise they may be left blank.
  • If you are unsure of any of the ASIN,UPC/EAN or MPN leave it's position "blank" as in 112,,045496880019,NWII280 in the case of not knowing the ASIN. (Note the double comma)
  • Premium Elements can use your optimized pricing preferences. Please note, values supplied in your feed, will override default values.
    For additional information concerning optimum pricing feed elements (mf, ifep, ifed, ifop, ifod, pri, ceiling) Please see Optimized Pricing Specifications

Loading large lists of items may take some time, please allow the page to completely redraw once import begins.

You may use a tab, comma or pipe delimiter.
You can click the small excel icon above to download your most current data in the format specified. Make changes to it, then simply highlight all (CTRL A), copy into your clipboard (CTRL C) then paste into the box above (CTRL V)
Or load directly from yout file system.

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