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Asin to item mapping

Item Management

CompetitorEye offers various methods of importing your products into our system for monitoring.

Any number of products can be monitored depending on your plan and options. CompetitorEye does not force or limit you to only those items you are selling on Amazon, you may monitor any product at any time.

Below you will find your current products imported in our system. You may activate, deactivate, remove all, edit your optimized pricing options (if available) or choose from the import options to bring in your latest product data.

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  Data Importing

Mapped products and importing
Immediate Storefront Synchronization: CompetitorEye can process your storefront on Amazon for available online, in-stock or FBA items. All that is required is your seller and marketplace id's (Sign in or create an account)

Manual Online Submission / Import: Either by file import or posting into our online form.

Automate Synchronization: Set your synchronization schedules if you would like CompetitorEye to pull from your Amazon inventory file or storefront daily.

FTP / Report delivery settings: CompetitorEye can either read from your system or you may ftp to ours. We will automatically check for a new file before monitoring your products which will help keep CompetitorEye in-sync with your current listings.

Customize your inbound feed (Manual or FTP submission): Map your import columns to fit your needs.

Restore catalog: CompetitorEye can restore your full catalog including floor and repricing settings with a previous import.

  Data Exporting

Mapped products and exporting
  Alert Reports: CompetitorEye can alert you by email when your products fall outside your preferences. Such as loosing Buy Box status.

Schedule Reports: Schedule your report time frames, this will tell CompetitorEye when it should automatically read from FTP, etc. to obtain your most recent products as well as when to monitor and report back to you.

Customize your outbound report (Email and FTP): Require special column positioning or only certain data elements?


Edit, etc.
  Edit existing item mappings: Edit your existing item mappings online, make active, inactive or modify your optimized pricing preferences.

Optimized Pricing Feed Specifications: Learn about optimized pricing feed columns and how they work.

Optimized Pricing Defaults: Depending on your plan, you can set feed pricing defaults as well as specific item values.

Import Statistics: Your import history via FTP, online form or storefront sync.

Reports & History: View / segment / trend your product pricing and placement.

Un-reportable Items: Items CompetitorEye cannot monitor for you at this time.

Special Analysis: As sellers request special reporting, CompetitorEye will enable such reporting for all to utilize.
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