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Account Dashboard

Account Dashboard

TO DO Access Identifiers.
TO DO Optimized Repricing.
TO DO Report & Sync. Schedule.
TO DO Pricing Plans & Options.
TO DO Upload / Import Catalog.
TO DO FTP / Email & report options.
TO DO Make payment / Activate

Need full time or part time software or system design and development? Small projects? Large projects?

Need help automating your third party integrations including product-in and inventory control (FBA, private warehouse(s), drop ship) as well as 3rd party channel product-out (Amazon, etc)

Fluent in C#, Javascript, HTML, Database design, implementing and management of MSSQL, Oracle

Extremely reasonable rates. Let us know your needs

Getting Started:

  • Step 1: Upload or synchronize your initial product catalog. so CompetitorEye knows what to monitor for you.
    This gets the ball rolling so to speak, importing consists of defining the products you wish to have monitored.
    Synchronization with your Amazon storefront allows us to obtain your current listings, no Amazon account login or passwords required and is the easiest and quickest way to get started.
    Or you can upload to us a list of your products, bare bones, speed import would consist of your unique ID and the ASIN.
    CompetitorEye will include your ID (SKU) in any and all reports to you for easy cross reference to your own system.

  • Step 2: Choose your report schedule.
    This tool allows you to pick which days of the week and which time blocks to monitor.

  • Step 3: Feeds to and from CompetitorEye.
    After your initial import, you can automate the process by configuring CompetitorEye to re-import your catalog after each scheduled report run.
    As your inventory runs out or you no longer wish to monitor certain items, simply remove them from your catalog or as new products become available add them to your catalog and the import will handle the rest.
    Reports can be FTP'd and/or emailed.

  • Step 4: Choose your plan and options.
    Activates your plan and options. If you are an unexpired evaluation client, your account is active until the date shown above.

Tools and Reports:

  • Alternate ASIN Analysis
    View variations of ASINS for your items.

  • Customize your inbound or outbound reports
    Need CompetitorEye's data returned in a specific way or specific column position?

  • Top 100 products by Sales Rank
    View top 100 products by category according to Amazon's Sales Rank

  • Competitor Name Change Report
    View listing of competitors who have changed their store name.

  • UPC/EAN Sales Rank Analysis
    View better ranked "duplicate" items and possible UPC/EAN mapping issues.

  • Historical Reports
    Raw reports FTP'd or emailed to you are stored online for up to 7 days allowing you the ability to retrieve previous and current reports as well as extended online reporting.

    Within this tool, you can trend specific Items by your ID or ASIN across all available reports or review specific reports and filter by:
    • Buy Box ownership. Filters to only those items you owned the Buy Box during that specific run.
    • Buy Box with increase. Filters to Buy Box owned and can potentially raise your price without loosing the Buy Box ownership.
    • Featured Filters to items in which you do not own the Buy Box but are in the lineup.
    • Featured (BB w/ decrease). Filters to those items, with only slight pricing modification that can achieve Buy Box ownership.
    • Not listed in Buy Box or featured. Filters to the items you are not the Buy Box owner or as a featured merchant. Usually these are considered high priority and typically reflects a non-competitive pricing strategy.

    Review complete: Import / Export counts and percentages.

  • Email Alerts
    As CompetitorEye monitors your active product catalog, we can notify you via an email alert when your organization does not own the Buy Box and or when not included as a merchant for your targeted products.
    Giving you a competitive advantage when your pricing structure is no longer inline with the market.

  • CE Tool
    Know Exactly what your competitors are doing across your product mix or their own! Read our brief overview on using this tool.

  • Invoices
    View your current and previous invoices.


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